UE5 3D Art Skills Bootcamps

Unreal Engine 5 3D Art Skills Bootcamps

100 hours

Remote Guided Learning

4-8 weeks

Course Duration

75%+ achieve

Career Prospects <6mo.

Unreal Engine 5 Skills Bootcamps

Unreal Engine 5 3D Art Skills Bootcamps. Gov-funded 4-8 week Unreal Authorised studio experience with guaranteed career prospects.


3D Artist


Encompassing concept, modelling, texturing and integration – an Unreal 3D Artist can have a variety of skills and areas to focus on. We help you refine your skillset in a live production pipeline. You’ll work with our team of artists to develop a portfolio piece that demonstrates a your ability to go from concept to final product that is integrated and being used in-engine.

An Unreal 3D Artist is capable of more than simply making something eye catching. Their 3D assets must be to a high standard and match the intended art style so there will be visual synergy with other aspects of the development process. They must also have a good understanding of how their work brings the 3D visuals and interactive elements together into a cohesive whole for the audience. They must be able to interact with designers and developers throughout the end-to-end production of the product to ensure they translate the teams vision into the 3D world.

On the 3D Art Strand you will learn to develop professionally on a commercial project, to a high standard, using techniques a hobbyist might otherwise underestimate. You will learn and practice what it takes to create game-ready 3D assets for real-time rendering within Unreal Engine 5.



Concept – Interpret different themes in line with an artistic vision and established style using a range of relevant references to create a finalised design with a unique silhouette.

Blockout – Create a 3D outline of your design to establish a proper scale and form in engine.

High poly – Produce and sculpt a high fidelity mesh suitable for baking, with an eye for quality and detail.

Retopology – Re-meshing an asset to fit a games poly budget and performance requirements.

UV Layout – Ensuring all UV’s are polished to the required degree, maintaining consistent texel density.

Baking and Texturing – Creating life-like lighting and texturing using professional software while maintaining a performant and well optimised model

Low to High Fidelity – Design and model around levels of complexity in line with the requirements of the project.

Definitions of Done – Completing work to a set standard before review and signoff.

Optimisation – Reviewing and applying best practices to ensure a performant and robust asset

Integration and Testing – Exporting a prop from your DCC to Unreal Engine to be tested in a live game dev project

  • AGILE Development with SCRUM
  • Version Control (Perforce)
  • Project Management (Hansoft)
  • File Organisation & Naming Conventions
  • Professional Development Planning
  • Job Applications
  • Interview Skills
  • Portfolio & CV


Skills Bootcamps

This course is open to individuals in England, aged 19 or above, who aim to pursue or advance a career in the games or immersive industries.

You may be eligible to apply for a Skills Bootcamp if you: are aged 19 or over; have the right to work in the UK; live in England and meet residency requirements. If you claim Universal Credit, you can apply and continue to claim benefits.

Who Should Apply

This is not a course for beginners.

Ideal candidates should already have some background in 3D art fundamentals for games, through past study and practice, either academically, through work, personal projects or self-study. It is useful to have at least a basic portfolio (1-2 of your best examples) to be able to demonstrate this.

The course requires a commitment of 100 hours, full-time over 4 weeks or part-time over 8 weeks. Attendance is crucial for mastering the skills and meeting the quality standards set in the assessments. You will need dedicated time to learn and practice the skills of your discipline on a live project during business hours. Unsure applicants are encouraged to apply, as the team can assist in determining eligibility and ensuring it is a fit with their goals.

Target Audience

Learners with experience producing 3D art for games/immersive, whether that is in a professional capacity (employed or freelance), through formal education at University (Bachelor or Master level), work experience or personal time spent working on 3D game projects. Blueprint scripting in Unreal Engine and an understanding of the end-to-end production pipeline for 3D assets in Unreal would be beneficial but are not required. This isn’t a beginner course, so learners must already be competent in 3D fundamentals and be capable of producing 3D content using industry-standard digital content creation (DCC) tools, such as Blender or 3dsMax/Maya.

Technical & Hardware Requirements

  • PC or laptop that can run Parsec, Unreal Engine 5.2, your chosen 3D DCC that can export FBX 2020.2 file types (e.g. Blender, Maya or 3Ds Max), along with your licenses for that software.
  • Broadband access to the internet (see below), to connect to our network and remote workstations via Parsec (5Ghz WIFI / Ethernet at a speed of 30Mbps download and 2Mbps upload, or better via Speedtest.net)
  • Mouse and keyboard, plus a working webcam and microphone.


What To Expect

Planned Professional Development

Take your professional development to the next level by learning a range of skills and behaviours you’ll need to succeed as an industry professional. You will be working in a multi-disciplined game studio, with active game developers, using Unreal Engine to develop content you will first design based on a live brief for an in-development title, Samsara.

Unreal Authorised Training

Over 100 hours of guided learning, you will design, iterate and implement your content in adherence with our team’s creative vision. You will learn to use the professional workflows and pipelines required for interactive real-time 3D development – which apply to the games and immersive industries. You will also harness the power of Unreal Engine 5 to bring your vision to life within an in-development project, at a quality level that’s expected of you within the industry.

Studio-Based Work Placement

During the course, you will not only learn from but also work with our team to practice your skills by implementing a portfolio piece from a structured brief within a live game project, Samsara. This means that you will iterate towards mastery of your craft by using an agile approach. Developing fit-for-purpose deliverables to an agreed creative and technical specification, to a reasonable and set deadline. You get real-life experience of the day-to-day cadence and life within a game and immersive studio, INFINITY27. You will be on a remote call with the team within Discord while you work so that you can request help, advice and guidance at any time during your agreed guided learning hours. You will grow professionally by giving and receiving feedback and instruction regularly and partaking in Scrum meetings, such as the Daily Standup meeting and Sprint Review.

Professional Assessment

We will assess you on clear pass/fail criteria, which are based on meeting our quality bar for production-level assets. The assessment criteria will be shared with you and discussed during your onboarding, near the start of the experience. Assessment checkpoints and feedback are regularly scheduled over your guided learning hours, so you can know what areas you most need to focus on to pass and when you will need to address them. The course culminates in a “Showcase” during the Sprint Review near the end, where you will demonstrate to your assessor that you have applied the skills and behaviours required to pass certification. Upon completion of the course, a certificate and detailed feedback for areas of improvement will be provided so you can continue your journey with clear next steps towards your agreed professional development goal(s).

Guaranteed Career Prospects

Once you complete the course, you’ll be guaranteed a job interview if you are unemployed. If you are freelance/self-employed, you’ll be able to use the training to seek new opportunities for your business. If you’re being supported by your current employer to complete the Skills Bootcamp then you’ll be offered a new role or new responsibilities.

If you are seeking a new job we will help you identify and apply for open positions in the UK, or you can apply for open positions at INFINITY27. We can help you prepare for the interview with tailored support and soft-skills training. We can also support your further professional development support (CV & cover letter writing, portfolio reviews, etc.) and provide professional advice that can help you feel confident interviewing for roles as a salaried professional in the games or immersive industries.

If you are freelance/self-employed, we will help you work towards securing your next contract or client. This would include a mix of portfolio development and online professional presence building, as well as networking and introductions within the industry.

If you are already in the industry we will work with your employer to ensure you can secure the new role or responsibilities which you have set out to achieve. We can also help with further goal setting and professional development planning. Information, advice and guidance are also available for 6 months after the course ends through our extended mentorship offer.



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Unreal Engine 5 Skills Bootcamps

2024 Schedule

Intensive Skills Bootcamp that is ideal for those who are unemployed/redundant and seeking a job, or those who can dedicate full-time to upskill. 4 weeks for a total of 100 hours of hands-on, guided learning with our game studio. 1 PM till 8 PM and you’ll receive high-quality instructor-led training, with a 1 hour break during the afternoon and short breaks when you need them. Flexible timings available around the core activities so you can manage your commitments around achieving the 100 guided learning hours.

Start Date End Date
5 FEB 2024 01 MAR 2024
1 APR 2024 26 APR 2024
1 JUL 2024 26 JUL 2024
2 SEP 2024 27 SEP 2024
Looking for dates in 2025? Register your expression of interest today but select “Other Date Not Listed” and let us know what works for you!
Part Time Skills Bootcamp that is ideal for those who are currently employed, changing careers, nearing the end of their education, or those who can dedicate time out of their schedule to upskill. 8 weeks for a total of 100 hours of hands-on, guided learning with our game studio. 5 till 8 PM and you’ll receive high-quality instructor-led training, with a short break during the evening. Flexible timings available around the core activities so you can manage your commitments around achieving the 100 guided learning hours.

Start Date End Date
5 FEB 2024 29 MAR 2024
1 APR 2024 24 MAY 2024
1 JUL 2024 23 AUG 2024
2 SEP 2024 25 OCT 2024
Looking for dates in 2025? Register your expression of interest today but select “Other Date Not Listed” and let us know what works for you!

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