I N F I N I T Y 27

I N F I N I T Y 27 is a digital design and production studio that builds quality interactive 3D content for immersive and real-time experiences.

Using industry-leading Unreal Engine technology we ignite the spark that fuels the fire of your creativity.

Hire our cutting edge talent to help you realise your vision.

I N F I N I T Y 27 works with you to produce more value from your games, immersive and creative media projects.

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A company that’s different – I N F I N I T Y 27 designs, produces and markets games, immersive and creative media products in an open and honest way, using an innovative business model to produce win-win outcomes.

Digital media can be difficult, expensive and frustrating. We use our knowledge and methods to simplify that for you and make it as painless as possible: whether you’re an individual with a personal project you’re passionate about; you’re the head of a small business feeling overwhelmed by 21st-century marketing, or you’re commissioning a complex production on behalf of a large organisation.

Contact us now and our design, production and marketing services will help you get the most valuable product for your audience at the right price.


For commercial, educational, marketing, research and training projects, we have a range of design, production and post-production services, including specialised marketing delivered through our NO SUIT MARKETING brand.

Games & Immersive

  • Design documentation, story/progression, user-interface and user experience (UI & UX), interactive and gameplay.
  • Audio-visual asset production, including 2D & 3D assets, animations, binaural sound and music.

Game Design & Production
Game design documentation (GDD). User interface and user experience design using Adobe XD. Gameplay and level design plus in-engine prototyping using Unity & Unreal Engine.

Immersive (AR & VR) Design & Production
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) games and experiences.

Creative Media

  • 3D/CGI & Animations for apps, games, marketing, printing, video and visualisations.
  • Video production and editing for traditional (2D) and immersive (VR360/180°).

Creative Media Production
3D/CGI modelling and animation. Traditional and VR 360 video planning and editing services.

Digital Marketing

  • Consulting, strategy and implementation services built specifically for you.
  • Complete, tailored digital marketing solutions; including branding and websites.
  • Specialised marketing delivered through our NO SUIT MARKETING brand.

Digital Report
Contact us now to order your tailored digital report which provides valuable analysis and insights into where and how to focus your digital marketing efforts for your brand or business.

Digital Marketing
Getting to know you, your business and your needs. Producing an action plan to help you achieve your goals online. Research, strategy and implementation for brands/businesses.

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Why I N F I N I T Y 27?

We’re a one-stop-shop for the design, production and marketing of your product, which means we consider the form of the product by its function from the start. This means we can focus on producing the best experience for you, which means the best product for your audience and the best outcome for us too.

You come to us because you know the value of truth, honesty and results. We are critically results-focused which means we understand that your success is our success. We seek to build long-term relationships, not just short term profits. This is what we provide for our customers and that’s why they choose to come back to us.

Work as if people matter.

I N F I N I T Y 27 is a company founded on self-less philosophy, not on a selfish desire. This means we truly value you and your audience, not just our margins or the bottom line.

“…humans were made to help others. And when we do help others—or help them to do something—we’re doing what we were designed for. We perform our function.”

– Seneca

Our vision is to build innovative business models that will inspire and spawn a new generation of creative companies who are aligned with 21st-century thinking. By working with us you contribute to making that better future a reality today.

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I N F I N I T Y 27 is pleased to announce that it’s digital marketing services are now available for hire directly under the NO SUIT MARKETING brand. This gives access to our excellent digital marketing services to a broader range of external clients.

PROTOGÉ Initiative

I N F I N I T Y 27 is proud to announce its new PROTOGÉ Initiative – work-based training opportunities that aim to attract, select and retain the best new talent for the video games industry. See the PROTOGÉ page for full details on how to apply.



Tel: +44 (0) 7875 442 172
E-Mail: contact infinity27.com
Company Number: 10768924

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