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PROTÉGÉ Initiative

Reading Time: 1 minuteI N F I N I T Y 27 is proud to announce its new PROTÉGÉ Initiative – work-based training opportunities that aim to attract, select and retain the best new talent for the video games industry. Utilising business model innovation our goals are to: BRIDGE the skills gap between academia and the games industry for game …

Blog Live

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe blog has now been restored and content will continue to be added from April onwards. Comments on blog posts are now possible using WordPress and social media accounts.


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Within ten years – by 2027 – I N F I N I T Y 27 aims to have successfully transformed industries using disruptive business models that improve the fundamental relationship between our companies and customers in a way that provides better experiences and fairer outcomes for consumers, employees and partners.


The company’s mission is to exploit the potential of business model innovation across multiple industries. To achieve this we research, design and develop our models while forging links with businesses and institutions. The insights we glean from these activities allow us to challenge the established norms and help us to build better businesses across the industries we operate within.


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I N F I N I T Y 27 LTD.
4th Floor
Wynne-Jones Centre
Ellison Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 191 243 7893
Company Number: 10768924