Our Next-Gen Immersive Team

Dan Baird

Leader & Creator

Dan holds a MSc in Digital Marketing and a BSc in Design & Production. He believes that opportunities for real-world experience are necessary to develop a next-gen workforce.

Ebony McRae


Ebony is a 2D & 3D artist who specialises in character design. Her artistic spirit and willingness to succeed motivate her to seek challenges that set her apart.

Josh Stanley


Josh was the first talent to be hired through the PROTOGÉ Initiative. His attitude and dedication towards improving his craft shines through in his can-do demeanour.

Nathan J. Flounders


Nathan holds a BSc in Computer Science for Games Development and is a games engine and AI specialist. With a technical proficiency and problem-solving ability beyond his years he strives for excellence in all his work.

Becki Percy

Admin & Resources

Becki holds a BSc in Criminology & Politics and is pivotal in the management and well-being of our staff. Naturally empathetic and organised, she ensures the day-to-day operations are as effective as they are efficient even with a complex mixture of distributed and centrally located staff.

Carl Halligan

Cloud & Web Development

Carl is a Microsoft certified Application Developer of software for the cloud and web. He brings a host of knowledge and expertise to deliver the technically complex infrastructure that supports our team while also being a skilled graphic designer and musician.

David Park

Cinematography, Design & Production

David has a background in English language and literature which shines through in creative storytelling and world-building. His ability to analyse, learn and connect the dots is surpassed only by his enthusiastic passion for his work which he devotes himself to wholly.

Laura Molnar

Art, Design & Programming

Laura is striving towards a Professional Masters in Games Development to bolster her BSc in Computer Science. With a rare mix of interdisciplinary skills, she adds the invaluable flexibility of being able to conceive and create from the first sketch to final code.


Multi-Disciplinary Support

An ad-hoc network of support staff from various professional and academic backgrounds, working on a per-project basis. This flexible addition to our team gives us a competitive advantage of being able to scale and resource any project with the freshest talent and industry stars.

About Us

Our core purpose is to serve the needs of our customers by providing measurable impact through the meaningful use of real-time immersive technology.

Our next-gen team is comprised of experienced and qualified professionals working alongside the newest industry talent. Our mission is to create a positive impact on the UK’s digital creative industry.

PROTOGÉ Initiative

We know that the next-generation workforce needs next-generation talent, tools and workflows. That’s why we use the latest hardware, software and practices to develop our immersive experiences. We also know the only way you truly push the envelope in our industry is to go further than the competition. This is why we challenge ourselves with only the best next-gen projects in collaboration with domain experts.

Learn more about our PROTOGÉ Initiative.

The Right Choice

We make the wellbeing of our clients and staff paramount because we believe that our honest and fair relationships are our unfair advantage. It’s the reason why our clients and staff choose to partner with us and return to us time and again.

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In addition to our flexible remote working arrangements, our main office is situated at PROTO – Europe’s first centre for innovation and emerging tech. From here we use cutting-edge emerging tech facilities and equipment to deliver projects with outstanding results using highly trained teams.

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We make sure every project is impactful and we strive to ensure that we deliver the next-gen level of expertise needed for today’s hi-tech industry. Get in touch with us to partner with the next-gen of immersive talent today.


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