Death is not the end...

SAMSARA® is a next-gen action-adventure RPG that fuses elements of Buddhism with souls-like gameplay — challenging players to meditate on their philosophy, life and death to help them  find meaning through discourse, conflict and exploration.

Conquer Death

Be Reborn

Face Your Destiny

Explore life’s meaning from multiple perspectives. Seek and gather ancient jewels of wisdom from wandering sages. Discover and hone your inner power. Gain insight to uncover your fate and find the courage to face your destiny. Transcend humanity and find a way to overcome suffering in the beautiful and dangerous Desire Realm (Kāmadhātu).

Will you escape Samsara or be bound in its endless cycle?

SAMSARA® is a next-gen action-adventure RPG coming to  PlayStation 5, XBOX Series X|S and PC in 2022.

A Journey for Your Soul

Life is suffering


Meet ancient sage's and challenge your own outlook on life and death. Will you follow the Middle Way, or seek your own path?


Engaging in swift and deadly combat that will put your skills to the test and challenge your philosophical resolve. Do you have the willpower and the courage to persevere?


Traverse the Desire Realm, from the circular edge of the Cakravāḍa (Cakkavāḷa) mountains across the Four Great Continents to the sacred five-peaked heights of Mt. Meru.

Escape Samsara

How will your journey end?