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Unreal Engine 5 Virtual Production Skills Bootcamps




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Gain Virtual Production experience and skills through iRT3D Skills Bootcamps. Funded 2 week studio experience with a guaranteed interview!


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Embark on a transformative journey as a Virtual Production Technical Director, where your skills become the driving force behind immersive experiences.

In this specialised strand, participants leverage their existing game engine knowledge to focus on features crafted explicitly for Virtual Production. 

The live VP stage becomes your testing ground, offering a unique opportunity to apply your technical expertise to real-world projects. Collaborate with designers and 3D art specialists, ensuring a seamless integration of technology into the creative process and bringing the magic of 3D visuals, animations, and interactive elements to life.



Targeted Skill Refinement –  Build on your existing Unreal Engine knowledge to focus on features tailored for Virtual Production. Explore advanced techniques and functionalities relevant to real-world Virtual Production scenarios.

nDisplay – Explore the intricacies of nDisplay, the cutting-edge technology that powers seamless multi-display setups. Learn to optimize visual experiences across various screens, enhancing your ability to create immersive environments for Virtual Production.

Live Link – Uncover the power of Live Link, a real-time data streaming feature in Unreal Engine. Master the art of connecting and synchronizing external data sources, ensuring dynamic and responsive interactions within your Virtual Production projects.

Multi-User Collaboration – Harness the collaborative potential of Multi-User functionality in Unreal Engine. Develop the skills to work seamlessly with team members in real-time, enhancing productivity and fostering a cohesive production environment.

Switchboard – Navigate the complexities of Switchboard, a crucial component for managing and controlling data flow in Virtual Production setups. Acquire proficiency in directing and optimizing the flow of information, ensuring a streamlined and efficient production process.

World Building Mastery  – Immerse yourself in the art of crafting dynamic and immersive worlds tailored specifically for Virtual Production. Our Unreal Authorised Training Centre materials provide a structured and guided learning experience, ensuring you master the intricacies of world-building within Unreal Engine.

Advanced Practice with Material Blueprints and Shaders – Elevate your skills as you delve into advanced techniques of material blueprints and shaders. Gain hands-on experience in manipulating materials to achieve the desired visual effects, adding depth and realism to your virtual environments.

Introduction to Megascans – Unlock the potential of Megascans as you integrate high-quality, real-world assets into your Virtual Production projects. Learn to seamlessly incorporate Megascans into your world-building toolkit, enhancing the visual fidelity of your creations.

Practical Master Material Workshop – Engage in a workshop dedicated to creating a master material tailored for asset manipulation. Develop the expertise to efficiently control and customize materials, ensuring flexibility and creativity in your Virtual Production endeavors.

Lighting Tools and Post-Processing – Master the use of lighting tools and post-processing techniques to bring your virtual worlds to life. Explore various setups for different lighting situations and scenarios, gaining the skills to evoke the desired mood and atmosphere in your Virtual Production projects.

Level Streaming Techniques – Unlock the power of level streaming to efficiently manage and optimize your virtual environments. Learn techniques to seamlessly transition between different levels, enhancing performance and creating a cohesive and dynamic world for Virtual Production.

Mocap Mastery with Xsens – Immerse yourself in the world of motion capture using state-of-the-art Xsens suits. Gain hands-on experience in capturing and translating physical movements into dynamic animations for your Virtual Production projects.

Facial Capture with mobile – Demystify the process of facial capture by leveraging the simplicity of a mobile phone. Learn how to efficiently integrate facial expressions into Unreal Engine, adding a layer of realism and depth to your virtual characters.

Metahumans Showcase –  Explore the capabilities of Metahumans as you bring recorded animations to life in a virtual scene. Witness the seamless integration of mocap data and facial expressions into realistic and expressive characters.

Sequencer for Timing and Playback – Master the art of timing and playback with Unreal Engine’s Sequencer. Learn how to orchestrate and synchronize various animations within your Virtual Production project, ensuring a cohesive and visually compelling narrative.

Understanding Hardware and Software Integration – Gain invaluable insights into the seamless integration of hardware and software within a VP volume. Understand the functionalities and interactions that drive the immersive experiences, laying the groundwork for real-world application.

Hands-On with Physical Camera and Lighting Setups – Immerse yourself in the practical aspects of Virtual Production as you get hands-on experience with physical camera and lighting setups. Learn to navigate the intricacies of on-set equipment, honing your ability to bring the director’s creative vision to life.

Meeting the Director’s Vision – Apply the skills acquired throughout the course to meet the director’s creative vision. Navigate challenges and collaborate with the production team, showcasing your proficiency in translating concepts into dynamic and visually stunning Virtual Production scenes.

Learning the Future of Virtual Production Tech – Engage with cutting-edge technology and witness firsthand the capabilities of Virtual Production as it continues to evolve and gain popularity. This experience sets you on a path to explore further skills and opportunities within the ever-expanding landscape of creative industries.

Preparing for Future Roles – The real-world application on the VP volume positions participants for success in seeking advanced roles within creative industries. Armed with practical experience and a deep understanding of Virtual Production, participants are well-equipped to navigate the growing demand for these innovative skills.


The Virtual Production Technical Director Strand is designed for individuals with an intermediate level of experience in game engines, particularly Unreal Engine. A foundational understanding of traditional media production methods is beneficial, ensuring participants can seamlessly integrate their knowledge into the dynamic realm of Virtual Production.

To fully engage in the bootcamp, participants should possess a decent level of practical experience in 3D asset creation and should be comfortable working with blueprints. This familiarity with key elements of the production pipeline is crucial for a smooth progression through the course.

The course spans 60 hours (2 weeks) on a full-time schedule, with 2-3 days requiring in-person attendance at PROTO in Gateshead, within the VP volume. Given the hands-on nature of the final days on the VP volume, participants are expected to be local or have the ability to commute, ensuring they can maximise their learning experience and practical application of skills.

If you’re not sure you can still apply and a member of the team will discuss the options with you when we call. This will help confirm your eligibility and enable you to pick the course strand that fits your goals.

iRT3D Skills Bootcamps


Take your professional development to the next level by learning the full range of skills and behaviours you’ll need to succeed as a professional VP Technical Director. You will be working in Unreal Engine to create content that will meet a creative brief.


Over 60 hours of guided learning, you will design, iterate and implement a creative vision. You will learn to use the professional workflows and pipelines that are required for interactive real-time 3D development – which apply to the games and immersive industries. You will also harness the power of Unreal Engine 5 to bring the vision to life.


We will assess you on a clear pass/fail criteria, which is based on meeting our quality bar for industry ready skills. Assessment checkpoints are ongoing over the duration of your 60 guided learning hours, so you can know what areas you most need to focus on to pass. Upon completion of the course a certificate and detailed feedback for areas of improvement will be provided so you can continue your journey with clear next steps.

Guaranteed Interview

As part of the iRT3D Skills Bootcamps we will help you identify and apply for open positions in the UK, or you can apply for open positions with our studio. We will help you prepare for the interview with a session on interview and soft-skills training. We also support you with portfolio development and by providing professional insight that can help you feel confident interviewing for roles as a VP TD for the games or immersive industries.



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