PROTOGÉ initiative for real-time 3D careers.

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What is the PROTOGÉ Initiative?

I N F I N I T Y 27 is a next-gen immersive design studio that is bridging the skills gap in the immersive industry by providing businesses access the next generation of talent and tech which they need to solve complex problems and realise their creative vision.

Our PROTOGÉ initiative provides innovative work-based training opportunities that develop the best real-time interactive 3D talent for the UK’s digital sector.

“Mastering 3D graphics or real-time 3D skills can lead to strong entry-level opportunities and provide a boost to early-career professionals.”

Burning Glass Technologies / Epic Games

Our proven model focuses on taking an aspiring designer, artist or programmer and giving them the skills and experience they need as part of a next-gen workforce. Therefore, to ensure long-term success our protogés enjoy a learning environment where next-gen skills are practised towards mastery. In addition, protogés utilise cutting-edge immersive technologies and training alongside tailored professional mentorship. As a result, our protogés develop the best real-time interactive 3D content for use across a range of industries.

PROTOGÉ Initiative

Real-Time Interactive 3D Careers


BRIDGE the skills gap in the immersive sector.


CREATE opportunities for work-based training.


WORK-based training on live next-gen projects.

Why do we need the PROTOGÉ Initiative?

Technology continues to shape our world at an accelerated pace. Moreover, jobs within the digital economy are at the forefront of this change as they’re fundamentally and inseparably tied to that pace of innovation. However, the way we train for these jobs is rooted in the two-century-old Prussian approach. Therefore, to deliver a workforce capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow a radical new approach is needed in the way we train the next-generation workforce today.

Immersive industry skills gap

1 %
of the Immersive Industry Lack Skills

“97% of the immersive economy lack appropriate skills.”

The immersive economy in the UK (2020, Immerse UK)

1 %
Increase in Demand for Talent (AR/VR)

“Demand for AR/VR talent is up by 1,400%”

State of Software Engineers (2020, Hired, Inc.)

Who is the PROTOGÉ Initiative for?

PROTOGÉ is for those pursuing a job making real-time interactive 3D within the immersive economy. This includes the use of both creative and technical skills in what’s traditionally considered to be only the games and media industries. However, the application of these highly sought-after skills extends into the automotive, architectural, training and simulation, media and entertainment industries. For example, for producing real-time interactive 3D product visualisations for design and marketing purposes, or creating photo-realistic scenes as backdrops in virtual production stages. Realtime interactive 3D skills are the key to your future tech career.

Real-time 3D is associated with a large salary premium: 57% above the average advertised salary and 18% above the average advertised salary for jobs requesting 3D graphics skills in general.

Burning Glass Technologies / Epic Games

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Join the PROTOGÉ Initiative

In this digital-centric age, we are looking for forward-thinking applicants and strategic partners to bring a new standard of talent to the digital economy.

If you’re a student, graduate or job seeker then please contact us using the form below. Alternatively, if you’re a lecturer or business leader then please use the form below to let us know how we can help each other shape your talent to become a next-gen leader in real-time interactive 3D.

Apply to PROTOGÉ if you are:

  • A graduate or undergraduate seeking a placement or internship.
  • A jobseeker or career-switcher needing experience and training through a traineeship, apprenticeship or kickstart scheme.
  • An employer looking to drive innovation and certified talent into your business.
  • An academic or educator looking to benefit from an attractive work-based experience option for your students.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller