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Become an Interactive Real-Time 3D Producer through iRT3D Skills Bootcamps. Funded 2-4 week studio experience with a guaranteed interview!


iRT3D producer


Producers are the most sought-after vacancy in the UK games industry in 2022. However, the only way to learn how to be an effective producer is by doing. We will give you the tools, knowledge and opportunity you need to experience bringing the team together and rallying them around a shared vision. A great producer acts as a force multiplier. You must be organised and balanced whether you manage teams, projects or both. You can jump from triaging and resolving issues internally, to working with and communicating outside of the team; dealing with stakeholders such as publishers, marketers or players/users.

To become a great producer, you first need to be a producer. We help you refine your skillset in a live studio environment. You’ll work with our team to develop your skills and behaviours, to help demonstrate your ability to effectively manage and synergise with our team in a live studio setting.

An iRT3D Producer is capable of more than simply motivating the team and clearing blockers. They need to be confident in their application of industry-standard production tools and software, leveraging it to coordinate the activities of the multitude of disciplines involved in game development. Throughout development, an effective producer must always have a keen focus on both the project’s goals and the experience of the end-user. At the same time, they need to be attentive to the needs of the developers, both short and long term, keeping their finger on the pulse of both the project’s development and the team making it.

On the iRT3D Production Strand, you will learn to develop professionally on a commercial project, to a high standard, using industry standard tools and methodologies.



Agile & Scrum for Producers – Learn why agile development is required in games development.
Understanding how producers fit in agile teams.

Agile Project Management – Using the Hansoft project management software.

Scrum Meetings – Understand the purpose of each of the scrum meetings: planning, daily (“stand-up”), review and retrospective.

Scrum Artifacts & Reporting – Understanding and using scrum artifacts by reviewing past sprints in Hansoft, examining cards, burn charts, DoD’s, estimates, etc

Agile Priority & Risk – Learn to prioritise the backlog and assess risk in within projects.

Games Industry Overview – Understanding the games industry (entertainment software).

Immersives Industry Overview – Understanding the immersives industry iRT3D, from dynamic web apps to XR experiences.

iRT3D Producer Role – Understand the varying roles of the producer and the career path.

iRT3D Production – Understand internal and external projects, their stakeholders and the production process, as well as how things can go wrong.

iRT3D Teams & Pipelines – Learn how games/XR are made. Understanding the complexities of interdisciplinary teams.

Project Management & Budgets – Being able to plan and manage a project timeline and budget.

Team Motivation & Mental Health – Motivations of individuals and how to get the best out of them. Understanding the importance mental of health in the team.

Pitching Projects & Teams – Pitching your internal projects to stakeholders

Audiences & Analytics – Understand the importance of audience research, sources, analysis methods and reporting. Exploring the audience personas for Samsara, as well as the tools used to collect quantitative and qualitative data to support design, QA and marketing aspects of the game project.

  • Professional Development Planning – Learn how to create and set a S.M.A.R.T. Objective, which we will work with you to help you acheive that goal during the Skills Bootcamp or within the 6 months support period.

    Job Applications & Interview Skills – Ongoing support to help you prepare for and find your way into the industry, over the job search, application and interview stages. 

    CV, Portfolio & Professional Presence – Dedicated time to review your CV/portfolio and prepare to demonstrate your new skills and acheivements to potential employers so that you have the best chance to forge a career in the industry.


This course is suitable for aspiring designers in England who are 19+ years of age and are serious about a career in the games or immersive industries at the junior or intermediate level.

You should ideally have some background in managing people, teams or project-based work, through past study or practice (e.g. employment). It would be useful to have a CV with practical examples with which you can demonstrate this experience. Examples don’t strictly have to be from within the games or immersive industry. You may have transferable skills from similar industries, such as film or TV, or from totally different ones.

Ultimately, producers are going to be the ones that organise, motivate and enable the development team to deliver a high-quality experience for the end-user. You must be the glue that holds the team together.
You should be able to attend for 60 hours, either full-time (2 weeks) or part-time (4 weeks) on your selected schedule. Attendance is a crucial factor for success as you will need the time to learn and practice the skills of your discipline to the quality level set in our ongoing assessment.

If you’re not sure you can still apply and a member of the team will discuss the options with you when we call. This will help confirm your eligibility and enable you to pick the course strand that fits your goals.

iRT3D Skills Bootcamps

What To Expect

Take your professional development to the next level by learning the full range of skills and behaviours you’ll need to succeed as an iRT3D Producer. You will be working within a team that are developing a games product, in a live studio setting – supporting them remotely to help them deliver results.


Over 60 hours of guided learning, you will practice behaviours common to great producers and will learn producer-specific skills, as well as the professional workflows and pipelines that are required for interactive real-time 3D development – which apply to the games and immersive industries. You will use professional project management tools (Hansoft) and approaches to help the team bring their vision to life, at a quality level that’s expected for games and immersive development.


During the course, you will not only learn from but also work with our team to practice your skills by managing a live project and producing a report from a structured brief for our game, Samsara.

As a producer, you will use and promote an agile approach to development. You get real-life experience of the day-to-day cadence and life within a games and immersive studio. You will learn how to grow professionally by giving and receiving feedback and instruction on regular basis.


We will assess you on a clear pass/fail criteria, which are based on meeting our quality bar for the demonstration of your skills and behaviours. Assessment checkpoints are ongoing over the duration of your 60 guided learning hours, so you can know what areas you most need to focus on to pass. Upon completion of the course, a certificate and detailed feedback for areas of improvement will be provided so you can continue your journey with clear next steps.

Guaranteed Interview

As part of the iRT3D Skills Bootcamps, we will help you identify and apply for open positions in the UK, or you can apply for open positions as an Interactive Real-Time 3D producer with our studio. We will help you prepare for the interview with a session on interview and soft-skills training. We also support you with portfolio development and by providing professional insight that can help you feel confident interviewing for roles as a producer in the games or immersive industries.



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2022-23 Schedule

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31-OCT-22 11-NOV-22 10:00 17:00
14-NOV-22 25-NOV-22 10:00 17:00
28-NOV-22 9-DEC-22 10:00 17:00
16-JAN-23 27-JAN-23 10:00 17:00
30-JAN-23 10-FEB-23 10:00 17:00
13-FEB-23 24-FEB-23 10:00 17:00
27-FEB-23 10-MAR-23 10:00 17:00
13-MAR-23 24-MAR-23 10:00 17:00

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