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Become an Interactive Real-Time 3D Designer through iRT3D Skills Bootcamps. Funded 2-4 week studio experience with a guaranteed interview!


iRT3D Designer


At the crossroad between ideas, art and tech – the designer is the visionary who creates emotional, useful and novel experiences for the end user in service of work and play. We help you refine your skillset in a live production pipeline. You’ll work with our lead designer to develop a portfolio piece that demonstrates your ability to go from the first concept to the final pitch, with a working prototype that demonstrates your vision within the game engine.

An iRT3D Designer is capable of more than simply generating cool ideas. They must be able to assess the needs of users and problem-solve within artistic and technical boundaries to find opportunities to enhance the end-user experience. They must also have a good understanding of how their designs bring the 3D visuals, animations and interactive elements together into a cohesive experience that achieves the goals of the project. They must be able to communicate their ideas and consider those of others – be they from fellow designers, artists, developers or outside of the team. It is their responsibility to hold the overall vision and communicate this through words, documentation, visuals and prototypes.

On the iRT3D Design Strand, you will learn to develop professionally on a commercial project, to a high standard, using techniques a hobbyist might otherwise underestimate.



Creative Process – Interpreting a brief and working within an established project by following the design direction (Documentation, References & Concepts) to be able to generate content that is cohesive with the whole. 

Level design – Block out a prototype level inside of Unreal Engine using the Cubegrid and Landscaping tools among others combined with custom assets to house your quest and inspire your design with a focus on player experience and visual storytelling.

Quest design – Interpret and build on different themes in line with an established world to inspire interest and enjoyment from players through quest design with interesting characters and unique experiences

Dialogue writing – Create high-quality and concise dialogue to enrich the player’s experience with enjoyable characters and arcs through character studies, structural considerations, and an understanding of the characters, the world, and the audience you intend to reach.

Playtesting – Gather feedback on your existing ideas and implementation through self-assessed playtesting and external user playtests with the intent to improve player experience and overall polish

Pitching – Give a clear and informative pitch to the INFINITY27 dev team where you will sell the ideas, designs, and decisions made in the construction of your overall quest with a Q&A blocked out at the end of your presentation

AGILE Development with SCRUM – Understand and practice the Agile framework in an active games studio environment.

Version Control – Work daily with professional version control software in an active development environment to ensure your work securely intergrated, backed up and accessible globally.   

Project Management – Professionally log and track your daily task progress using industry level project management software. 

File Organisation & Naming Conventions – work with the organisations guidelines to demonstrate your ability to follow conventions that make distrubuted team-working possible at scale – wether in your code, Unreal Engine assets or elsewhere.

Professional Development Planning – Learn how to create and set a S.M.A.R.T. Objective, which we will work with you to help you acheive that goal during the Skills Bootcamp or within the 6 months support period.

Job Applications & Interview Skills – Ongoing support to help you prepare for and find your way into the industry, over the job search, application and interview stages. 

CV, Portfolio & Professional Presence – Dedicated time to review your CV/portfolio and prepare to demonstrate your new skills and acheivements to potential employers so that you have the best chance to forge a career in the industry.


This course is suitable for aspiring designers in England who are 19+ years of age and are serious about a career in the games or immersive industries at the junior or intermediate level.

You should already have some background in learning or applying design fundamentals, through past study and practice, either academically, through an online course or through self-study. Yes, that tabletop DM experience you have will be of use! It would be useful to have at least a basic portfolio (1-2 of your best examples) to be able to demonstrate this. Examples don’t strictly have to be from 3D games: card games, tabletop and other game creations are all useful.

You should be able to attend for 60 hours, either full-time (2 weeks) or part-time (4 weeks) on your selected schedule. Attendance is a crucial factor for success as you will need the time to learn and practice the skills of your discipline to the quality level set in our ongoing assessment.

If you’re not sure you can still apply and a member of the team will discuss the options with you when we call. This will help confirm your eligibility and enable you to pick the course strand that fits your goals.

iRT3D Skills Bootcamps

What To Expect

Take your professional development to the next level by learning the full range of skills and behaviours you’ll need to succeed as an iRT3D Designer. You will be working in Unreal Engine to develop content that you will first design based on a brief.


Over 60 hours of guided learning, you will design, iterate and implement your creative vision. You will learn to use the professional workflows and pipelines that are required for interactive real-time 3D development – which apply to the games and immersive industries. You will also harness the power of Unreal Engine 5 to bring your vision to life within a working demo, at a quality level that’s expected for games and immersive development.


During the course, you will not only learn from but also work with our team to practice your skills by implementing a portfolio piece from a structured brief within our live game project, Samsara. As a designer, you will iterate towards mastery of your craft by using an agile approach to development. You get real-life experience of the day-to-day cadence and life within a games and immersive studio. You will learn how to grow professionally by giving and receiving feedback and instruction on regular basis.


We will assess you on a clear pass/fail criteria, which are based on meeting our quality bar for production-level assets. Assessment checkpoints are ongoing over the duration of your 60 guided learning hours, so you can know what areas you most need to focus on to pass. Upon completion of the course, a certificate and detailed feedback for areas of improvement will be provided so you can continue your journey with clear next steps.

Guaranteed Interview

As part of the iRT3D Skills Bootcamps, we will help you identify and apply for open positions in the UK, or you can apply for open positions as an Interactive Real-Time 3D Designer with our studio. We will help you prepare for the interview with a session on interview and soft-skills training. We also support you with portfolio development and by providing professional insight that can help you feel confident interviewing for roles as a 3D artist for the games or immersive industries.



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2022-23 Schedule

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31-OCT-22 11-NOV-22 10:00 17:00
14-NOV-22 25-NOV-22 10:00 17:00
28-NOV-22 9-DEC-22 10:00 17:00
16-JAN-23 27-JAN-23 10:00 17:00
30-JAN-23 10-FEB-23 10:00 17:00
13-FEB-23 24-FEB-23 10:00 17:00
27-FEB-23 10-MAR-23 10:00 17:00
13-MAR-23 24-MAR-23 10:00 17:00

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